Patricia Villari

Voice Over Artist



Hello, I’m Patricia Villari. I’m also known as Trish, but my parents just called me ‘Jukebox,’ because from the time my dad handed me a tape deck with a microphone, at the age of seven, I could mimic any song on the radio, word for word, note by note, singing, laughing, and fearlessly sharing my voice.

My path to voiceover is the cumulation of a lifelong gift innately possessed from birth and nurtured through song, poetry and verbal ballet. This passion has guided me forward to the realization that my voice was an artform… And I finally picked up the brush.

As a voiceover talent, I have a creative knack for unique and engaging speech that invokes emotion & memories. My energy is contagious as my speech shifts easily from upbeat and perky, to sophisticated and sultry. I have developed an exceptional range and tone for commercials, video games, and animation, as well as narration, network promotions, how to videos and more.

Voiceover is about communicating to everyone, yet individually connecting on a personal and often intimate way to an audience of one. Whether it’s earnest excitement, or craving and desire, the feelings and emotions conveyed to that sole listener’s ear is my calling.

Let me help you awaken the spirit of your project, and release its extraordinary potential. Please go to my contact page, and let’s discuss how we can collaborate!


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